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Nietzscheese, Feb 14, 12 3:31 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Not extinct in our hearts, our dark sludgey hearts.

     Far, far away in the backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Outer Rim of the Galaxy at the endpoint of Myto's Arrow spins a small mostly unregarded purple and green planet called Dantooine. This planet has -or rather, will have(but let's not be dicks and argue game{s} chronology)- a problem...a problem even bigger than the terrain, much of which looks like a massive Prince orgasm. The problem was this:  the planet was populated by ape-descended lifeforms called Janta. And they were bastards. Systematic elimination was called for as the filthy Janta seed must not propogate. 

     Many a merc signed the bounty contracts and many met their end on the end of sticks topped by pointy stone, hurled rocks and pooh. But some adventurers had more moxy, more swing in their step, more step in their walk, more walk in their smurf. There, sometime in 2004, a young Smurfwalker named Melpomyne stumbled across a surly looking bounty hunter. There was something with Klaangck that aroused her curiosity. Namely, Scourge his sludge panther.  A friendship was formed there on the shore of the mystical healing waters of Smurf Lake. It was as if it already existed and it took but a drop of companionship for the famous Smurf Village to arise. The Battle Smurfs were formed. 

     The Smurfwalker founders, Epoga, Homercles, Melpomyne and Klaangck, bound together by an unlikely friendship, defended their soil from the filthy Janta after day. Then more came with that just-so glide in their stride: the immortal legendary Mayor Ruskki, Jym McLouj, Shaina, the Dutchies (Broodje, Download, et al), Vekeom and many other lovelies.  Not long after this, the beloved and always one for merriment Shaddo joined the ranks.  His love of beer, cheer, and for the sake of this story, other things that rhyme, embedded him into our hearts like so many images he embeds into the forums.

     When SWTOR came along, we rejoiced at the opportunity to sally forth once again into a galaxy far away.  It was a sludge panther that first brought us together and we re-unite our rather strangelove for one another under the banner of the Sludge Panther.

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I can't help but find wookie fur sensual

- Ruskki
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